Taking advantages of Vim plugins

30 Oct 2011

After one month of struggling with PLAIN VIM, I made up my minds to make my VIM experience smoother and more IDE-oriented. After some research and experiment with varies plugins, here is my conclusion:

  1. Make sure exuberant ctags is installed.
  2. Install plugin Taglist so Vim can make use of ctags.
  3. Configure ctags in your .ctags file in home directory to fit your needs.
  4. Install plugin NERDTree to mimic GUI-like directory browsing in Vim.
  5. Install plugin SnipMate to save time on typing in Vim.
  6. Install plugin TComment to (un)comment codes quickly in Vim.
  7. Configure those plugins in .vimrc to make them work like charms.

Now, look what my Vim editor has become - a powerful IDE! I am turning myself into a real programmer.

Happy Vim hacking!