Sqlite and Opensource Projects

15 Apr 2012

Not long ago, after working on this current job for six months, I started to realize what I have been working on is an ‘internal’ opensource project. The tools we use are all opensourced; the workflow is also similar to what you will experience when participating any opensource project.

Such experience motivates me to join another opensource project in my spare time, to further cultivate my knowledge and skill base.

After a few weeks of searching, I narrow it down to just two projects. One is Sqlite, which I use everyday in my job; the other is Redis. Both are database related, and are good bootstrap candidates for me.

Last week, I started playing with Redis and see what it is capable of doing. This weekend, I grabbed Sqlite source code with Fossil and joined the sqlite-user and sqlite-dev mailing lists.

Let’s hope it will turn out to be a rewarding learning process.