Using QBzr - An Qt Cross Platform Front-End For Bazaar

31 Aug 2013

bazaar is the version control system I use at work. I often use

$ bzr qlog <filename> &

to view the complete revision history of a file graphically. And I also use

$ bzr qblame <filename> &

to see who did what to certain parts of code in a file, also graphically.

To me, bzr qcommands are really handy and powerful tool to assist software development. I used them so naturally and natively that I had always thought bzr qcommands are part of Bazaar built-in commmands. Until just now, I discovered they are actually functions provided by QBzr - a Qt-based front-end (plugin) for Bazaar.

To understand more about QBzr and how to use them - QBzr documentation.