Jekyll Pagination

06 Mar 2015

I have recently migrated this site to use a much newer (2.5.3) Jekyll blog generation engine. The trigger was I wanted to seperate long list of posts into several pages (or pagination) to make my blog look neater, and I found the Jekyll I used was so old (0.11.xx) that does not support pagination very well.

Thankfully, after migrating to new Jekyll and with helpful documentations found here and there, everything works out of the box again! Hooray! Basically, if Jekyll is configured correctly, Liquid template engine will be able to see paginator object and its attributes, meaning they should be ready to be used in those ‘templated’ html pages.

One thing worth mentioning is, Jekyll now depends on NodeJS to run server locally; I didn’t prepare to start using NodeJS under this occasion, but now, I have a new toy to play with;).