Hello, Budapest

30 Apr 2012

Budapest is indeed an interesting city. What’s so interesting about this city is not how rich it is, but how simple.

Life pace is slow here, in the capital city of Hungary. I believe it could be even slower in other parts of the country. One noticable fact about this city is people rarely use ‘smartphones’, which could be a result of several factors: one possibly being people just don’t earn that much. However, having many electronic gadgets only gives you endless sources of distractions, instead of deep, meaningful thoughts. Therefore not having smartphones could actually help them become smarter (ironic huh?)!

This country, and therefore this city, was once under the rein of Soviet Union. That fact leads to an another interesting phenomenon: public transport infrastructures are mostly legacies from Soviet Union era; which means the buses, trams, subway cars etc, are mostly very old, some are even antique-like (but obviously endurable!), and with Soviet Union style.

Thermal bath is one of the most notable tourist attractions of the city. My girl friend and I took it twice at Gellert Hotel. Indeed, such baths do have some curing effects. One side note: In the changing room of the thermal bath facility, there was a 80-ish Hungarian opa having a small talk with me. According to his own words, he has been visiting to the thermal bath of Gellert Hotel almost everyday, for the past 70+ years! He is certainly the living proof of the curing effects of Hungarian thermal baths!

As I indicated above, things are not fancy, modern or ‘high-tech’ there. However, I constantly felt Hungarian people are really special. During my stay in the city, I got an impression that Hungarians in general, are very polite, laid-back and happy people. They showed me something different than western Europe, especially their firm bondings with family members; which reminds me once again there are things money cannot buy - family and love.

I would love to visit Hungary again, but with an automobile next time :)

For the record, I spent less than 400 euros (including airline return tickets, hotels, traffic and food) during this 6-days-5-nights trip. If you want to have an economic trip somewhere in Europe, Hungary definitely should be on top of your list.