Task Automation With Cron

01 Jan 2013

A nice introductory tutorial about setting up a crontab file.

cron daemon can help you automate a lot of routine tasks. To tell cron what and when to do some routine, you use crontab to define the schedule and the task to run. Of course, inside the crontab file, you need to follow some specific grammars to define the scheduled tasks.

To edit the crontab file, use:

$ crontab -e

Or, alternatively, you can use a local file in any location you have write-access and edit this crontab file. However, you need to let crontab know that you are using this local file instead. To let it know, you need to activate it by:

$ crontab <the-file-name>

To deactivate it, use:

$ crontab -r

Happy automate your mundane routine tasks!